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What You’ll Learn

  • Break the negative cycles handed down through generations
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of modern life that contribute to stress within the family unit
  • Alleviate external stressors to take your family life from chaos to peace
  • Create balance in your family in a world where technology pulls us in so many different directions
  • Learn to work with your energy system to live with more power and vitality
  • Strengthen your neutral mind so that you can deepen into your role as a conscious, compassionate family leader


The stress of modern life puts so much extra pressure on our families. With our lives moving faster than ever before, it becomes more and more difficult to be fully present and engaged with our children. We are pulled in so many different directions by a multitude of technology inputs. Worry, anxiety and fear can take over when we are surrounded by chaos. We forget that we are powerful physical and spiritual beings that have the capacity to create exactly what we want in our lives – including a family that is in rhythm and harmony with each other.

Being a parent is a beautiful and awesome responsibility. The best way to step into that responsibility is to show up for our family from a place of personal strength, power, and love.

In order to be a strong family leader, we must be strong within ourselves. Even with the constant demands on our time, it is necessary to get quiet and engage in practices that nourish us and strengthen our body, mind and spirit. Yoga and meditation strengthen the neutral mind, allowing us to see with more clarity and act from a place of balance. As we do, we naturally grow and expand in ways that create more peace in our environment and deepen our connection to our family.

Consciousness is the great transformer. The more we bring awareness to our own habits and patterns of being, the easier it becomes to transform those patterns in a way that serves the family. We create a stable, compassionate environment that allows everyone to grow and change without judgement, and allows us to love even more deeply.

In this workshop, Akah breaks down some common challenges of family dynamics and shares tools to help you deepen into a strong, loving, conscious yogic parent. He guides you through yoga and meditation practices that can be incorporated into your daily life to support you on this journey. Each of Akah’s lessons is like spending the afternoon with a wise shaman in your living room. He brings an accessible wisdom to his teaching, taking you to the heart of the Yoga of Parenting.

Your Teacher


Akahdamah Jackson’s versatile work displays a true synthesis of his knowledge, his gifts, and his wisdom. His committed path to self-discovery has led him into the divine work of a spiritual counselor, in which he utilizes ancient practices to create purpose-driven lives for his clients. He is also a certified Kundalini yoga teacher, an Ordained Healing Minister, a 5th generation plant and spirit medicine man, a percussionist, and a conscious father. He and his wife form the high-vibrational musical duo Aykanna, and they travel worldwide with their incredible 6-year old daughter, Sahej. When they’re not on the road, Akahdamah and his family live in beautiful Ojai, California - known to the natives as the “Valley of the Moon.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for this course?2019-11-22T08:23:40+00:00
  • Access to the internet and a web browser from your computer, tablet, or mobile device

  • Daily practice is recommended

  • An open mind and an open heart

Is this course accredited?2019-06-10T18:44:58+00:00
  • The yoga and meditation practices in this course have received the Kundalini Research Institute’s Seal of Approval. This Seal is given only to products that have been reviewed for accuracy and integrity of the sections containing Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.
  • This course is eligible for 1 hour of non-contact CEU’s with Yoga Alliance under the criteria for substantial education for an online course.
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